Online Flower Auction makes it easy for growers to supply their product. You have online access to our clock auction in the cloud and can get started right away by logging in via your PC, mobile or tablet. Our system also seamlessly aligns with existing ornamental floriculture processes.

We use a transparent pricing system and work together to save costs. So it’s honest and fair! The Online Flower Auction working method is also quite efficient. The supply goes directly from the grower to the (box of) the buyer. Building carts and transport are only needed after the sale. This saves on delivery costs for the sale, and the assembled carts are then delivered directly per customer.

Advantages for growers:

  • National clock
  • Auctioning directly from the nursery reduces logistics costs in the chain
  • Clock is easily accessed using own PC, mobile or tablet
  • Simple and low-cost structure
  • Timely insight into products sold

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