07 December 2022

On 9 December 2022, Nini by Herburg Roses will start auctioning on Online Flower Auction (OFA). Nini’s entire auction offerings will be offered on OFA from that date.

Nini is part of Herburg Roses and a well-known name for rose buyers. Besides the auction offer, they supply retail markets in Western Europe, the UK and Japan.

Nini’s nursery can be found in Kenya where the total production area was recently increased to 60 hectares. This has resulted in a considerable expansion of the range and allows for a wide range of wholesale supply through the auction clock in addition to the retail focus.

Nini will start supplying the following varieties at OFA: Snowstorm, Athena, Athena Royal, Pink Athena, Patz, Lovely Jewel, Royal Jewel and Furiosa. The lengths are mainly 40-50-60 cm. More surprising new varieties will follow in the future.

Corporate social responsibility is very important to Nini and they hold: Kenya Flower Council Silver Award, MPS SQ, MPS GAP, MPS ABC, Fair Trade, Global GAP and GRASP.

Because of the opportunities and potential for the future of our digital platform, OFA was chosen by Nini. Nini believes in today for tomorrow and the innovative concept, which is sustainable by reducing transport movements, among other things. They also see it as a great opportunity to make their offerings on the auction clock accessible to buyers while ensuring exclusivity for the roses on OFA.

We find in Nini by Herburg a sustainable partner for the future, are happy with this great addition to our auction offer and welcome Nini!

Picture from left to right: Marco van der Burg (Nini), Danielle Strating-Geijteman (OFA), Philippe Veys (Nini)

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