30 March 2022

In need of future-proof auctioning solutions
During the presentation, worldwide changes in flower trading and especially trade in roses were highlighted. The initiators emphasized the importance and urgency of a future-proof auction clock for both growers and buyers.

“Together with growers and buyers we want to ensure an efficient and affordable auction with which we want to secure the future for the Netherlands as a trading country for flowers”, Paul Holla and Arie van den Berg, initiators OFA, explain.

‘Today for tomorrow’ and more efficient logistics
The advantages of OFA, such as ‘today for tomorrow’ and auctioning straight from the farm, were explained in detail. These include improvements in terms of quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

The official starting date is set for June 9, but from mid-April trial auctions will start in small groups. The auctioning time from Monday to Friday is 10 o’clock. The auction will start with roses only, however it is hoped other product groups can join in later as well.

Freek Smoes (CEO OFA): “In the coming period we will take care of everything as far as processes and technology are concerned. We start testing after the busy month of May and we are of course looking forward to June 9.


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