21 November 2022

From Friday 18 November, Bernhard Rozen, Berg RoseS en Holla Roses will offer their entire auction offerings on Online Flower Auction (OFA). A special milestone!

With this exclusive offering, OFA is taking an important step towards further expanding the clock with a diverse range of growers and varieties while promoting exclusivity. To celebrate this milestone, a cake was brought to all three nurseries on Friday.

Daniëlle Strating-Geijteman (CEO OFA): “We are very proud to have been able to take this step with these growers, we like to take a moment to reflect on this. But we are also looking ahead as it is our ambition to grow further with our digital platform. We will continue to expand our range of growers in de coming months and want to make strides with other product groups next year.”

During last Friday’s festive auction, a prize draw was also launched among buyers. For these buyers with the highest price (most expensive roses), most sales and most stems, OFA has a nice prize in store.

Online Flower Auction is the new auction clock and future-proof auction system. One of the advantages of Online Flower Auction is auctioning directly from the nursery where auctioning is market-oriented and flexible to market demand. Online Flower Auction is fast, efficient and sustainable.

Online Flower Auction Holla Roses
Online Flower Auction Bernhard Rozen
Online Flower Auction Berg RoseS