19 October 2022

From November 18, Berg RoseS, Bernhard Rozen and Holla Roses will offer their full auction range on Online Flower Auction (OFA). In addition Nini Flowers will also start auctioning exclusively on Online Flower Auction from that date.

Nini Flowers is a brand that is known to all rose buyers, both in the Dutch auctions and in the retail markets in Western Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, the US and Japan. Nini Flowers is supplied exclusively by two farms, Nini and Lamorna. Both farms have the following accreditation’s: Kenya Flower Council Silver Award, MPS SQ, MPS GAP, MPS ETI, Fair Trade, Global GAP and GRASP. The total production area is currently being expanded to 60 hectares. More than 15 varieties of roses are grown with a varied color range. Nini Flowers will start at OFA with the following varieties: Snowstorm, Moonwalk, Athena, Royal Athena, Pink Athena, Patz, Lovely Jewel, Royal Jewel and Furiosa.

With this exclusive offer, Online Flower Auction is taking the next steps towards a further expansion of the clock with a diverse range of growers and varieties. They are also responding to the request from the market to limit the supply points and to promote exclusivity.

Their ambition does not stop here. In the coming weeks we will be working hard to further expand the auction offer with new growers and varieties.

Paul Holla and Arie van den Berg (initiators OFA): “It is time to make choices, take steps and provide clarity. Of course, making this choice was not easy. Saying goodbye to a way of working that has been fitting ‘like a warm coat’ for decades is exciting. Yet we go for it. A new way of auctioning (today for tomorrow) is what we believe in. A digital platform to accelerate digitization, shorten the chain and make the sector more sustainable. This represents a future-proof auction process.”

Over the past period, OFA has tested a lot and made adjustments to the auction system. This gives the above suppliers enough confidence to start auctioning exclusively on OFA from November 18th. In order to give all their customers the opportunity to continue buying their flowers, they will actively approach buyers who do not yet have access to the OFA platform in the coming weeks.

More information about a buyer’s account on Online Flower Auction? Register now via: https://onlineflowerauction.com/inkopen/inschrijven/