30 September 2022

Daniëlle Strating- Geijteman will start on October 1, 2022 as the new CEO of Online Flower Auction (OFA). She succeeds Freek Smoes, who laid the foundation of Online Flower Auction as interim CEO last year. With the arrival of Daniëlle, Online Flower Auction wants to further professionalize the organization and realize its growth ambitions.

In her 25 years at Rabobank, Daniëlle has held various positions in corporate banking, management and international business. She is currently the lead developer and senior consultant of Rabo Sustainable Business Advisory. In recent years, her focus has been on developing a new proposition for the bank together with clients: a strategic management tool for companies (and investors) to measure, monitor and report the impact of their sustainability activities.

Daniëlle has her roots in the trade of fresh products. As the daughter of a sea fish wholesaler, she was introduced to the international trade and processing of fresh products and auctions at a young age.

Daniëlle about her appointment: “Returning to the trade of fresh products feels like coming home. I can use the basis that I have built up in my various previous positions to build on the further professionalization and growth of Online Flower Auction. In the role of CEO I get the opportunity to convert my energy, result orientation, innovative capacity and knowledge of sustainable transitions into a solid mission and sustainable growth strategy for the long term.”

Freek Smoes (interim CEO OFA): “Over the past year we have worked hard on building and launching Online Flower Auction. Now that the foundation is solid, the next phase has started and it is time for me to ‘pass the baton’. I wish Danielle good luck in her new role!”

Paul Holla and Arie van den Berg (initiators OFA): “With Daniëlle we have brought in a decisive new CEO, who will become the face of the company. Her knowledge of the sector and experience in international business makes her the ideal person for this position. In addition, entrepreneurship is in her blood and we are very excited that she will join Online Flower Auction.”

Online Flower Auction is the new auction clock and the system for future-proof auctioning. Roses are currently being auctioned from both Dutch and foreign quality growers. Other product groups will be added in the future. One of the advantages of Online Flower Auction is auctioning in a market-oriented way and flexible response to market demand. Online Flower Auction is fast, efficient and sustainable.