Discover how online flower auction works

Welcome to Online Flower Auction: the new clock auction and the best system for future-proof auctioning. Use Online Flower Auction’s reliable and stable cloud platform to buy and sell remotely on our digital auction clocks.

Future-proof auctioning

What makes Online Flower Auction future-proof is that we auction five days a week in the cloud following the ‘Today for Tomorrow’ principle.

Currently, we exclusively auction roses. The roses are supplied by both Dutch and foreign quality growers. In the future, we expect to add other product groups besides roses.

Connect with the existing floriculture processes

Online Flower Auction is a simple process that is accessible anytime and anywhere. You get immediate online access to our auction clock in the cloud by logging in using your PC, mobile or tablet. Our system also seamlessly aligns with existing processes.

We use fair and simple prices and work together to save costs using existing logistics and financial service providers.

Today for Tomorrow

Online Flower Auction is going to auction directly from the nursery. The auction takes place on the first day, and the growers deliver from the nursery to the trade by 6 am the following morning. This allows us to auction in a market-oriented way and flexibly respond to market demand. ‘Today for Tomorrow’ is efficient, reduces transport flows and provides enormous benefits in quality and sustainability.

Growers efficiently sell their product still at the nursery, which is then transported directly from the nursery to the (box of the) buyer. This allows us to avoid transport and processing peaks and frees up time for the logistics process. The flowers move quickly and easily from the grower to the buyer and then from the buyer to the customer. We save costs throughout the entire chain by avoiding peak loads on growers, logistics and buyers.

By only transporting after the actual sale, we prevent busy roads and unnecessary transport between different locations. This way we also ensure a massive sustainability benefit.

Advantages of Online Flower Auction:

  • Reliable supply from loyal, top-quality growers
  • Easy access anywhere using the clock in the cloud
  • Low costs and a simple cost structure
  • Flowers always on time with the buyer
  • No unnecessary logistics costs in the chain
  • Sustainability benefit due to no unnecessary transport

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